San Francisco’s Favorite Graffiti and Murals

Design and Art are intertwined and they constantly influence each other. I personally think graffiti is street art developed by young people’s need for expression in open spaces. Murals on the other hand are a re-defined version of graffiti that speak for the culture and struggles of the people.

Please join me, as we bike through the streets of San Francisco in search of unique and beautiful murals and graffiti art.

We start our stroll on Columbus & Broadway. This piece represents Jazz culture which has always been part of life in North Beach (Little Italy of the West).   Photography by

In Chinatown, Banksy makes a statement bringing together peace & love.

Reverse graffiti by Paul “Moose” Curtis – Broadway tunnel between Chinatown and Russian Hill.

Landing on Haight/Ashbury, Banksy strikes again with giant rodent.

Heading down to the Lower Haight this beautiful piece by Northern-English native and CA based artist Ursula Young.

Now toward the Mission via Church Street we find the Market Street Railway Mural by Mona Caron. This mural shows a 180-degree bird’s eye view of San Francisco’s Market Street through time.

Floating houses near 14th and Treat in the Mission District.

3D like work by Julie Murray on Clarion Alley

Entering now Balmy Alley on 24th Street home of the most concentrated collection of murals in San Francisco.

Power of the native people on Balmy Alley.

The struggle of a man leaving his land and family behind in search of The American Dream.

My love, I hope that when you receive this letter you are doing well next to our son. I am still working in California. I know that life there is hard, but I think it is even harder here because of the distance that separates us. I miss you so much and hope that we can be together again very soon. With much love, Chepe. – Photography & translation by Isabel Perdomo

Ingenious way of bringing architectural elements into art work.

More ingenuity …

The 14th Mission flying through San Francisco

Famous Mexican Actresses and Actors.

Flavors, colors and culture of California … and up to here brings us my bicycle …