2013 From Fashion to Spaces: Trends in Color

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a Colormix event organized by Sherwin Williams where I was introduced to the 2013 forecast on colors for architectural spaces. I would like to share with you the stunning upcoming palettes for next year and how they have transitioned from fashion to space.

  • Speakeasy:

From John Vavartos Spring-Summer 2013 Collection to the interiors of Highpoint-Bistro in NYC. Both inspired by the colors of Manhattans, Blod & Sands and Dick Tracy.

  • Earthy and Natural:

Making their first appearance at Paris Fashion Week, Valentino’s “From the Earth” shoes to calm and earthy spaces.

  • Mod:

From Michale Kors’ mod inspired 2013 red fashion to colorful blobject like interiors and furniture.

  • Phosphorescent Vegas:

Hot-Pink Dining Room, Burberry Prorsum Spring-Summer 2013 Hot-Pink Collection (more), and Sonia Rykiel Maison bathroom design with electric pink accents.

Hot-Pink like tonight’s fireworks above San Francisco after seeing the Giants going for the world series. Go Giants!

Loving Well Designed Jewelry by Talented World Designers

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Taken by a muse called Coco

You heard it right. I have been taken and converted into a Coco Chanel … Interiors … admirer and lover.

Chanel needs no introduction in the world of fashion, but many may not be aware of her interior design tastes. She was sharp and sophisticated and reflected her style in her villas and apartments in France. For that, she could not go unnoticed in the world of Interior Design.

This is why …

Her so well known taste for ivory and black - 31 Rue Cambon, Paris.

Her superstitions ... see crystal spheres on coffe table at 31 Rue Cambon.

Open space, mirrors and unique lounge chair - 31 Rue Cambon.

Diva/Muse on her chair. Black and Ivory the law of color.

Mademoiselle Chanel on the stairway connecting her fashion shop and her apartment.

Clean touches reflecting her fashion statements - Foyer at her Paris Ritz Suite.

Always forward thinking on all sorts of design - Paris Ritz Suite.

Time for a bath at the Ritz, then apply some No. 5 and conquer the world of design.

Bags Across the Globe (BAG)

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London’s Fashion and Architecture

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Lo Res “Architectural” Shoes

Over the 4th of July Weekend my boyfriend and I went shoe shopping. Although it sounds fun, it can be quite frustrating as we found a huge selection of shoes while walking on Hayes Valley, Castro Street and Nordstrom. One thing we found was that a shoe may look beautiful, but it may not be comfortable. And the million question was: Is it worth the money for this pair of shoes?

Many of you are familiar with Rem Koolhaas the architect of buildings such as the Seattle Public Library and the CCTV headquarters in China, Beijing.

Now he has ventured the world of fashion by partnering with 7th generation shoemaker Galahad Clark to create United Nude Lo Res. The partnership’s designs which focuses on faceted high-heeled shoes became winners of the product design section at the 2010 Dutch Design Awards.

Their shoes are scanned into a 3-D program, then re-generated into different colors. “The Lo Res shoe is part of an automated design revolution”.