Taken by a muse called Coco

You heard it right. I have been taken and converted into a Coco Chanel … Interiors … admirer and lover.

Chanel needs no introduction in the world of fashion, but many may not be aware of her interior design tastes. She was sharp and sophisticated and reflected her style in her villas and apartments in France. For that, she could not go unnoticed in the world of Interior Design.

This is why …

Her so well known taste for ivory and black - 31 Rue Cambon, Paris.

Her superstitions ... see crystal spheres on coffe table at 31 Rue Cambon.

Open space, mirrors and unique lounge chair - 31 Rue Cambon.

Diva/Muse on her chair. Black and Ivory the law of color.

Mademoiselle Chanel on the stairway connecting her fashion shop and her apartment.

Clean touches reflecting her fashion statements - Foyer at her Paris Ritz Suite.

Always forward thinking on all sorts of design - Paris Ritz Suite.

Time for a bath at the Ritz, then apply some No. 5 and conquer the world of design.


French doors (via The Voyage of V)

When you can barely catch your breath as you settle into a new place, fight with AT&T to get your internet connection and get ready for a new job, there is not much time to blog. In the mean time, please enjoy a beautiful post from a fellow blogger.
Till next week, when hopefully things start winding down …

French doors When I travel I like to really take note of the tiny details that make a place what it is. And in a country like France, they're everywhere you look. Even something as utilitarian as a door can be a beautiful thing, and it makes me so sad that this kind of attention to detail isn't considered important these days. These doors come mostly from Paris, but the beautiful door knockers (I think they are door knockers, I was too scared to touch!) are i … Read More

via The Voyage of V