Lo Res “Architectural” Shoes

Over the 4th of July Weekend my boyfriend and I went shoe shopping. Although it sounds fun, it can be quite frustrating as we found a huge selection of shoes while walking on Hayes Valley, Castro Street and Nordstrom. One thing we found was that a shoe may look beautiful, but it may not be comfortable. And the million question was: Is it worth the money for this pair of shoes?

Many of you are familiar with Rem Koolhaas the architect of buildings such as the Seattle Public Library and the CCTV headquarters in China, Beijing.

Now he has ventured the world of fashion by partnering with 7th generation shoemaker Galahad Clark to create United Nude Lo Res. The partnership’s designs which focuses on faceted high-heeled shoes became winners of the product design section at the 2010 Dutch Design Awards.

Their shoes are scanned into a 3-D program, then re-generated into different colors. “The Lo Res shoe is part of an automated design revolution”.


One thought on “Lo Res “Architectural” Shoes

  1. Que dicha ver lo que estas haciendo…..me emociona muchisimo y espero vermas pronto. Un abrazo inmenso

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