Bicycles to Ride for …

Yes we have become a bicycle couple … and we are very excited about it.

I have been riding bicycles in the city for about eleven years, and it never becomes boring. Yes I am one of those riding on high hills all dressed up to work. At least three times a week, in the morning, you can see me going uphill around Union Square with a big smile on my face. I see biking to work as a form of meditation and the best way to wake up before embracing my work day.

Well now Simon has joined me. No he won’t be riding to work, but he has gotten himself such a hot bicycle to ride on the weekends, that I am sure soon he will be tempted to join me for an inner city stroll.

Here are some gorgeous bicycles for city dwellers that can’t keep their hands off the handle bars.

Seafoam from Mission Bicycle the creators of Simon's bicycle.

The Roxie from Mission Bicycle

Tartine - Mission Bicycle

Spork - Inspired by the facade of Spork restaurant on Valencia, SF.

Del Norte style from Swobo - This is the same style as my bicycle with different handlebars.

Crosby from Swobo

Now grab that bicycle and ride in the city … you will love it and your body will show it.


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