iDo Colombia – Segunda Parte

Pandereta with bells

Done and done with classes . Now my main focus is to continue the development of my graduate creative work. That is: iDo Colombia, Industrial Design Outreach for at risk teenagers in Bogota, Colombia.

In less than a month, I’ll be in Bogotá working with teenagers from Fundacion Niños de Los Andes (Children of the Andes Foundation) and delivering a seven week design curriculum that hopes to inspire them to reinvent their lives. Because iDo Colombia will be in Bogotá for such a short period, the materials used for the development of prototypes need to be easily accessible that way when iDo leaves, the teenagers from the foundation, guided by the social workers, can continue developing ideas and exploring design.

Thanks to the director of the foundation, I received samples of some of the materials they already have in-house. Some of these materials are various sizes of plastic lids and rolls of different colors and types of leather. The greatest challenge on using these materials is that for security reasons the kids cannot use any sharp tools such as scissors or x-acto knifes. This makes the alteration of the materials much more difficult. After searching for a safe tool that the kids could play and design with, I found the crop-a-dile, which elegantly opens holes on plastic, leather and paper without exposing any sharp parts.

Learning how to use the Crop-A-Dile

Here are some of my initial prototypes using this tool:

Attempting to make a mochila with plastic lids

Attempting to make a container

Attempting to make a mochila without sewing the leather

After receiving some feedback and ideas from the iDo team and my graduate advisors, I decided to focus on developing a noise maker that not only inspires the kids to be creative but also to share something in group. Here are some of the prototypes:

Pandereta with beads

Roll with beads

Pandereta with bells

These prototypes are nothing but an inspiration for the kids, and I know that the noise makers they develop are going to blow my mind … Our minds!

Stay tuned for the second week of June. I’ll be updating you with the development of iDo Colombia, all the way from Bogotá.

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