The Kindness of South American Strangers (via My Unplanned Adventure)

O.k. This time I am not re-blogging about Design.

This time I am sharing with all of you, the beauty of being a South American.

Yes I have been far from home for over eleven years now, and I still have cultural differences both with people from the U.S. and other nations. That is the beauty of being in a multicultural city isn’t it?

Through twitter, I was connected somehow to someone traveling through Colombia. I don’t even know this person, but am now a faithful follower of her stories about traveling in my country.

Here is an inspiring one that may not teach you much about Design, but indeed teaches you about kindness and that not everyone in Colombia is as bad as media assures.

Next week, back to Design.

Buen camino y buena marcha,


The Kindness of South American Strangers Monday was a terrible morning that turned into a wonderful day thanks to the kindness of a Colombia stranger. I am now traveling in Antioquia, a region of Colombia known for extremely welcoming people. They treat you as a family member immediately. It is such a special feeling to travel in a place like Antioquia (or the Northeast of Brazil), especi … Read More

via My Unplanned Adventure


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