Studio 101 Designs

Who said that Facebook is a waste of time?

Through Facebook, I have kept in touch with people from whom I have learned either at work, school or life.

Two days ago, I saw a link update by Andrew Faust, my former Team Manager at Michelle Kaufmann Designs (MKD). I was excited to read in his link about a new Bay Area Design firm Studio 101 Designs.

Studio 101 Designs holds the view that the places we live should be useful and functional, beautiful, and durable. These are principles laid out by Vitruvius 2,000 years ago which have guided architects ever since.”

Studio 101 Designs is formed by former MKD Director of  Architecture Scott Landry (President), and former MKD Project Managers Andrew Faust (Project Architect) and James Kean (Design Lead/ Project Manager).

Scott Landry, Andrew Faust, James Kean

According to Studio 101 Designs, they “choose to focus on making buildings that not only aspire to the Vitruvian ideal, but also minimize consumption of resources, time, and energy, both during and after construction … to design efficient, simple spaces that accommodate multiple uses wherever possible, using materials, methods, and forms that minimize life cycle cost.”

Studio 101 offers designs in both prefabricated modular architecture as well as custom site-built homes. Their experience includes years working and maintaining a relationship with Michelle Kaufmann and preserving partnerships with factories such as Blazer Industries.

Their philosophy is: “do more with less.”

Looking forward to seeing more of their work in the upcoming years and seeing more simple, sustainable, well thought out designs out there.


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