Design in the contemporary world

Design surrounds us and is part of everything we do and live.

From the moment you open your eyes and hit snooze on your alarm clock. An Industrial Designer thought about your experience. To the moment when you close your eyes and lay your tired body on bed. A Furniture designer thought about this experience.

The bath robe you wear, the bowl that you use for your cereal, the coffee maker, the shoes that you wear, the bicycle you ride, the laptop you use, the chair where you sit, the drink that you sip, the restaurant you frequent, the house where you live, the containers you use, that bracelet for your carpal tunnel, that hot bottle for your cramps, the packaging of the food that you eat. Everything has been designed by someone.

You are a designer by the style that you adopt, the way you walk, the diet you follow, the life you live and your dreams.

On a weekly basis, I intent to share with you a thought of design or a new trend.

ProgettoRED is Radical Ecological Design. A focus on interior, industrial, furniture, fashion, architectural, urban, human centered design from an interior-industrial designer’s eye.

Benvenuti and enjoy the journey.


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